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Rosa Emilia Salamanca (Colombia)

Rosa Emilia Salamanca (Colombia)
Steering Committee Member

Ms. Rosa Emilia Salamanca has worked her whole life to strengthen the participation of women and civil society in decision-making processes in Colombia. To this end, she has worked with indigenous communities, feminists and a number of women’s organizations. Ms. Salamanca is an active member of Colombia’s Women’s National Network (Red Nacional de Mujeres). With a background in anthropology, Ms. Salamanca has worked on citizenship building through the recognition of human rights as a tool for transformation—work that revealed the important intersections and complementarity of anthropology and political science.

As part of her political and social engagement, Ms. Salamanca has published several papers and books, lectured nationally and internationally, and participated in a number of workshops and trainings. Ms. Salamanca has developed an innovative peace-education curricula and now trains community members, teachers, and officials on conflict resolution, democratization, social development, and human rights—all key elements of civil society's efforts to put an end to Colombia’s 60-year conflict. Through her affiliation with different civil society groups and coalitions such as REDEPAZ, Citizen Peace Mandate and Permanent Peace Assembly, Ms. Salamanca has worked relentlessly on building peace.

As a result of her work as a woman and peace activist, Ms. Salamanca and her family were the targets of serious threats, which for a time made living in Colombia intolerable.

Currently, Ms. Salamanca is part of COALICION 1325, a group that is actively lobbying for the development of a National Action Plan on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in Colombia. One of Ms. Salamanca’s innovative initiatives as part of COALICION 1325 is to raise awareness on Resolution 1325 in indigenous communities.

Ms. Salamanca is also the Technical Secretary of the Collective of Thought and Action on Women, Peace and Security. This Collective is made up of women from a wide variety of political and ideological backgrounds. Together, these women seek to develop new mechanisms that will lead to true and sustainable peace in Colombia. At the present, they are advocating for a Women’s Peace Pact for Colombia.