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Jasmin Nario Galace (Philippines)

Jasmin Nario Galace (Philippines)
Steering Committee Member

Ms. Jasmin Nario-Galace is involved in Peace Education and Advocacy and teaches Peace Studies, Theory and Practice of Nonviolence and International Peace and Security in the undergraduate level. She is a trainer in the areas of Peace Education; Conflict Resolution; Peer Mediation; Nonviolence; International Humanitarian Law; Women, Peace and Security; Peace Advocacy; and Educational Psychology.  

Ms. Galace has also conducted teacher-training seminars on peace education for faculty and administrators of schools nationwide as well as facilitated sessions and/or read papers in national and international conferences and meetings. She has written and published various articles and books on Peace Education. Furthermore, she is in the Steering Committee of the Sulong CARHRIHL, the Philippine Action Network to Control Arms (PHILANCA) and the Philippine Council for Peace and Global Education. She is Coordinator of  the Peace Education Network of the Philippines (PEN) and an active member of Pax Christi-Pilipinas and the Mindanao Solidarity Network. She also acted as Coordinator of the CSO Group of the Preparatory Committee that led the formulation of the UNSCR 1325 National Action Plan (NAP) in the Philippines and also serves as  Co-Convener of a civil society network - the Women Engaged in Action on 1325 (WE Act 1325) – the implementation of the NAP.  Ms. Jasmin Nario-Galace is also Chair of the Subcommittee on Justice and Peace Education under the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines’ (CEAP) Committee on Programs.

In the international front, Ms. Galace co-chairs of the International Advisory Group of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) and is also the Asia Regional and Gender Lead of the Control Arms Coalition. She is in the Steering Committee of the IANSA Women’s Network and a member of the N-Peace Network, the Asia-Pacific Network for Values and International Education and the IFOR-Women Peacemakers’ Program-Asia.

Ms. Galace is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Center for Peace Education in Miriam College and Professor at the College of International, Humanitarian and Development Studies also in Miriam College.