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Cerue Konah Garlo (Liberia)

Cerue Konah Garlo (Liberia)
Steering Committee Member

Ms. Cerue Konah Garlo is a peacebuilding activist and civil society leader with over 15 years of working experience in designing, delivering and evaluating capacity building and institutional strengthening trainings with a principal focus on advocacy, community mobilization and citizen participation, in particular for gender mainstreaming issues. She was instrumental in mobilizing thousands of Liberian women to successfully demonstrate for the end of the civil war. Ms. Garlo then turned her considerable energies to helping formulate and effect policy change on laws impacting women, most notably the 2005 Anti-rape law and inheritance laws.  Ms. Garlo also mobilized five hundred grassroots women from all over Liberia to discuss Liberia’s transitional justice process with focus on Liberia Truth and Reconciliation hearing where the women crafted recommendations that are part of the women’s section of the TRC final report. Believing that empowerment and engagement is fundamental to bringing about change, Ms. Garlo has conducted numerous community-based conflict prevention trainings for women. Ms. Garlo’s strong project and financial management skills derive from her extensive professional experience, coupled with her degree in accounting and economics and additional certifications in social work, conflict prevention, project management and training of trainers, with a concentration on gender-related issues.

Ms. Garlo was a member of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs Pre-election Assessment Delegation to Sierra Leone’s 2007 elections. To ensure the election went smoothly, Ms. Garlo assessed the political environment ahead of the elections, met with key civic and political party leaders as well as President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, and provided public feedback of the delegation’s findings. She later became an international observer of those elections. She was later involved in the United Nations Development Programme’s mid-term evaluation of Liberia’s disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation, and reintegration process. In this capacity, she ensured that key stakeholders, especially female ex-combatants, were consulted in UNDP’s evaluation.

Ms. Garlo is currently serving as a Senior Program Officer at IREX Civil Society Media Leadership Program in Monrovia.