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Solidarity Statement in regards to a Women, Food Security, Conflict and Peace panel that GNWP co-sponsored during the Human Rights Council Session 25 in Geneva, March 2014

Message of Congratulations and Solidarity

Armed conflicts have numerous negative consequences: deaths, injuries, destruction, displacement increase in sexual and gender-based violence crimes, and loss of livelihoods among others. However, one of the results of war that is least examined is food insecurity which intersects with many of its other impacts. As much as it is a result of armed conflict, food insecurity is also is also one of its causes; or it aggravates already existing conflicts. Widespread hunger and malnutrition, which are the offshoots of food insecurity result into disease and deaths far more than direct destruction and deaths in the battlefront. Indeed, food insecurity impact women disproportionately as much as armed conflict does.

It is therefore high time that we closely examine the intersection of women and peace and security with food security; and aim to come up with interventions that address these issues holistically.

It is with great pleasure that I convey this message of congratulations and solidarity to WUNRN, our other co-sponsors and the participants in the panel discussion Women, Food Security, Conflict and Peace. The Global Network of Women Peacebullders look forward to reading the outcomes of the panel discussion and to working with all of you in addressing these issues fully and effectively.


Mavic Cabrera-Balleza International Coordinator
Global Network of Women Peacebuilders
A program partner of the International Civil society Action Network
New York; March 4, 2014


Tuesday, March 4, 2014
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