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Our Support: To Guarantee a Fair and Transparent Second Round Election through Women’s Active Participation - May 20, 2014

Our Support: To Guarantee a Fair and Transparent Second Round Election through Women’s Active Participation

20 May 2014

Afghan Women's Network acknowledges the active participation (36%) of women in the Presidential and Provincial Council elections on 5th April 2014. A remarkable number of women’s participation in the first round of elections showed women’s commitment and interest be a part of a fair and democrat process.

Afghan Women’s Network extends its gratitude to “Independent Election Commission, Election Commission for Complaints, Afghan National Security Forces, Media, Civil Society and People” for their extraordinary role for ensuring fair and transparent election through encouraging people especially women to vote and providing suitable platform to enjoy the “right to vote”.

As the election is going for the runoff, and scheduled to be held on 14th June 2014, Afghan Women’s Network and its members have once again committed to plan and implement awareness and mobilization initiatives to encourage wider participation of women in the second round.

In order to have a successful second round of Election and ensuring women’s participation, Afghan Women’s Network calls on;

• All women to go to the polling stations and use their registration cards for the second time to vote in order to show specific indicators of success towards the stability and development of Afghanistan.
• Presidential candidates to present their programs and its implementation strategies towards women’s empowerment and gender equality during the electoral campaigns, so that we can follow up on these commitments upon their victory.
• The security forces must assure the security through the second round election process, so that all Afghans especially women could use their right to vote without any risk and fear.
• Security forces to provide security measures provided to all polling stations in order to have the presence of all female observers and searchers throughout the day a secure
• Female observers to practice their impartiality throughout the election
• Media to broadcast specific programs regarding people’s participation and specifically, women’s participation and encourage them to vote in the second round elections.
• Independent Election commission to conduct awareness programs regarding voting sites as of first round elections, particularly for women so that they to ensure women are aware of the polling stations.
• Independent Election Commission to facilitate an opportunity for voter registration, as some people lost their cards with the recent natural disaster happening after the first round
• Religious leader to encourage women participation in their Khutba’s during the second round of election process

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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