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Women Peace Initiatives- Uganda (WOPI – U)


Background: Known until 2011 as Lira Women’s Peace Initiative (LIWEPI), Women Peace Initiatives- Uganda (WOPI – U) was established in 2003 in response to the effects of war on women and children in the Lira district of Lango sub-region which was ravaged by 20 years of conflict. Over the years, the organization has adopted a more national role on peacebuilding, prompting its Board of Directors to change the name of the organization from Lira Women’s Peace Initiative (LIWEPI) to Women Peace Initiatives- Uganda (WOPI – U).
Mission: WOPI – U envisions a society where women’s and children’s rights are respected in order to achieve sustainable peace and development.
Programmes: Its objectives include providing psychosocial support services to war affected women and children, documenting and disseminating information relevant to the needs of women and children, advocating for a conducive environment for formerly abducted women and children, and capacity-building activities for women and girls.
Contact information:

P.O Box 535, Lira,Independence Road, Ojwina Division Headquarters, Lira, Lira

0774 805 058/ 0775 907 768/ 0772 651 746

Friday, May 9, 2014 - 23:45
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