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Solidarité Féminine pour la Paix Intégrale (SOFEPADI)


SOFEPADI (Solidarité Féminine pour la Paix Intégrale) is a Congolese NGO created in 2000 by 24 women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their vision for a Congo where mothers and girls have the same rights as men drives the organization’s work to promote and defend the rights of women and families by providing medical, educational, legal, and counseling services. The organization operates in eastern RDC, in the Ituri district of the Oriental province and in Beni in the North Kivu province.

SOFEPADI’s information campaigns on women fighting for peace began in churches where they focused on mobilizing women to discourage men from civil war. The organization now works to defend victims of sexual violence in a region with armed groups and a weak government that cannot enforce justice. This work includes information campaigns on laws against sexual violence, counseling for victims and capacity building both in terms of education and skills training. Their Karibuni wa mama medical center in Bunia attends to close to 9,000 patients per year.

Apart from medical and educational support for the victims, SOFEPADI also pushes for justice and takes on the victim’s legal fees and ensures that her case is taken through the legal system. In 2014, 244 women were able to have their cases judged thanks to SOFEPADI’s program. The organization also participates with other NGOs on international campaigns for peace, the end to rape in conflict, and supporting UN Security Council Resolution 1325 to promote the participation of women in politics.

Monday, July 27, 2015 - 19:45
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