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Support to National Action Planning on UNSCR 1325 and 1820

GNWP enhances civil society’s capacity to participate in 1325 National Action Plan development and implementation. It has worked with civil society groups in Afghanistan, Burundi, Guatemala, Japan, Nepal, Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Korea and South Sudan. GNWP’s activities in support of National Action Planning processes include: providing advice in the drafting of the NAP and the development of indicators; budgeting; and creating learning fora with member countries that have already gone through the process of adopting a NAP. Upon request, GNWP also provides support to governments, particularly those that recognize the importance of government-civil society partnerships. 


The training workshop on NAP 1325 processes for CSOs and government representatives, organized by GNWP and its local members, led to the formation of a CSO Working Group on 1325. The Working Group undertakes the necessary steps for the development of South Sudan’s 1325 NAP process along with...
Like in Guatemala and Japan, GNWP’s International Coordinator serves as a resource person on NAP development to South Korean CSOs and government representatives. She brings forth various models on NAP processes and implementation from different including various methods in drafting a NAP,...
GNWP co-organized the Showcasing of the Sierra Leone National Action Plan on SCR 1325 and 1820 on March 4, 2010 in conjunction with the UN Commission Status of Women session in New York.
GNWP’s International Coordinator initiated the NAP process in the Philippines and provided guidance in every phase until it was adopted.  
GNWP provided technical support on the drafting process as well as in the development of indicators for the NAP. GNWP’s support contributed to making Nepal’s NAP processes the most consultative, inclusive and participatory NAP process around the world.
Like in Guatemala, GNWP’s International Coordinator serves as a resource person to Japanese CSOs and government representatives on NAP development, advising on the different models for NAP development. This has significantly contributed to the establishment of a NAP Coordinating Group that...
GNWP’s International Coordinator has served as resource person to the Guatemala Working Group on the NAP 1325 advising on the different models for developing a NAP 1325, including strategies in securing political buy-in, and legislative/official adoption strategies.
Public meetings and capacity building workshops on UNSCR 1325 and 1820 facilitated by GNWP in Bujumbura as well as the 15 provinces from 2010 to 2011 contributed to the adoption of the 1325 and 1820 NAP by the government on December 13, 2011.
GNWP trained the CSO Steering Committee for the NAP process and facilitated their strategy development. It also facilitated the workshop on a Multi-stakeholders Financing Mechanism for the NAP.