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Girl Ambassadors for Peace

The Girl Ambassadors for Peace program enhances the potential of young women and girls in conflict-affected countries and has a catalytic effect on local communities. It aims to: raise literacy rates in conflict-affected communities, especially among women and girls; develop leadership skills among young women and girls; and contribute to peacebuilding in local communities using UNSCR 1325, 1820 and the supporting Women and Peace and Security Resolutions as policy frameworks.

Young literate women and girls in conflict-affected areas become Girl Ambassadors for Peace by undergoing a series of trainings on UNSCR 1325 and 1820, leadership and on how to conduct literacy education. The Girl Ambassadors for Peace then travel to rural communities where they teach illiterate girls and women to read and write and raise awareness about the importance of women’s rights and participation in decision-making, peacebuilding, and literacy using skits and dialogue.

This program was first piloted in DRC in August 2014, as a joint initiative of GNWP and its member Synergie des Associations Féminines du Congo (SAFECO). It is currently being implemented in DRC and South Sudan.

To see images from the Girl Ambassadors for Peace workshops, please view our image gallery or the links below: