Engaging with the security sector

We facilitate discussions and training with high-level officials and senior leadership from Defense Ministries, armed forces and police forces to encourage the implementation of Resolution 1325 and the creation of gender advisor positions within the security sector institutions.

Conducting research to build peace and promote gender equality

We conduct research on issues related to Women, Peace and Security, and the financing of the implementation of Resolution 1325.

Using media to raise awareness on Women, Peace and Security issues worldwide

We lead media campaigns and promote partnership between the media and women's civil society groups to encourage reporting on Women, Peace and Security issues.

Highlighting local women's perspectives in global policy spaces

We engage in global policy discussions to ensure that grassroots women's perspectives are mainstreamed into all global policy developments.

Developing financing mechanisms for Women, Peace and Security

We advocate for the creation of an effective, transparent, multi-stakeholder financing mechanism for Women, Peace and Security.

Eliminating violence against women during and after conflict

We work with the CEDAW committee to implement and build capacity on the General Recommendation 30 on women in conflict prevention, conflict and post-conflict situations.

Empowering women and girls to build peace in their communities

Our Girl Ambassadors for Peace programme trains young women and girls to become leaders, build peace and teach literacy in rural communities affected by conflict.

Localizing Resolution 1325

Our Localization program, "Inspiring Locally, Implementing Globally" supports the implementation of Resolutions 1325 in local communities and brings together civil society, local authorities and community leaders to integrate Women, Peace and Security into local policies and legislation.

Holding stakeholders accountable for implementing Resolution 1325

Our annual Civil Society Monitoring report evaluates and makes concrete recommendations on making Resolution 1325 a reality on the ground. "Women Count – Security Council Resolution 1325: Civil Society Monitoring Report 2013."

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